Matt Brooks Takes to the Air and Sea

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Matt Brooks of San Francisco is no stranger to adventure. Although he’s perhaps best known as an expert mountaineer, he’s also mastered the sea and the air as a successful skipper and flight commander.

Matt’s aviation experience:
Matt has 2,000 hours of aviation experience and was the Flight Commander of the Cessna 501 Citation I/SP Eagle II aircraft in the world flight. Moreover, he possesses an ATP, commercial and multi-engine pilot licenses.

Matt’s prized ship:
In addition to being an ace in the air, Matt has great command of the sea as well. With the Lucie, a classic six-meter boat, Matt has won two world championships at the 2011 World Cup and the 2012 European championship. Matt Brooks of San Francisco, who developed his love for boating when he was just a boy, restored the Lucie to its previous splendor.

Designed by Clinton Crane in 1930,The Lucie was built in Nevin’s Yard on City Island, New York, in the year 1931. After the ship’s inception into the racing world, the Lucie came away with more than its fair share of victories.

When Matt Brooks purchased the historic boat, he wanted more than just to keep her in a collection. He painstakingly restored the boat and, together, they’ve enjoyed world-class, award-winning adventures on the sea.