Matt Brooks Believes Failure Is Not An Option

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Experience and passion have put Matt Brooks of San Francisco at the top of the game in his endeavors. From his lengthy sailing resume that includes three World Championships and the restoration of two old yachts, to his successful mountaineering company and AMGA award and finally his world record setting aviation history, William Mathews Brooks refuses to entertain failure in any form.

Experience Breeds Success

It was Matt Brooks’ experience as a certified mountain guide that led him to invent an emergency rescue sled and an innovative new set of ski guide cards, which in turn became the prompt for him to start his own company. When his ski guide cards created demand among his fellow guides and skiers, Brooks’ began selling them and then finally started his own company in 1995. The company, called Brooks-Range, sells high quality mountaineering equipment that has been extensively tested by experienced mountaineers. It was also Matt Brooks’ vast 50 years of experience in sailing that led him to buy and restore the yachts Dorade and Lucie. He quickly went on to win three championships in the latter yacht.

Staying Connected

William Mathews Brooks believes in staying connected to the communities he supports. He supports several organizations and charities and holds membership at three yacht clubs. His long-standing membership and support of the AMGA was part of why he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award in 2012. His membership and his important contributions to the sport of mountaineering are what put Matt Brooks ahead of the competition. Additionally, Brooks served as the Chairman of the Girls, Inc.

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